Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sat 5/23 Better with nice fish to 7 1/2 lbs

         Had a nice morning picking at shorts and managing to capture a few nicer fish. John Mundjer with a 4 lber on one drift and then Steve Mills of Belmar on the next drift with a 7 1/2 lber but the picture does it no justice. We had more short action then yesterday with about 40 to 50  being caught.  The afternoon, however,  was not as good as we picked some shorts everywhere we went but keepers were hard to come by. Here are a few pics and hope to see you.

First Fluke trip 5/22

     We made both trips n Friday with morning being much better with 15 mph winds from the west. Picked mostly shorts with a few keepers mixed in but nothing big with Mike Jackson catching the first keeper of the season. Where we like to start, the bug lite, was loaded with fish pots (traps) so we lost a few rigs and we had wind against the tide so we did not move good. Tried a few different areas to get the feel of whats around with little success. Not a bad start and almost what I expected with everything being late this year. On the afternoon trip the winds kicked into to 25 mph and over so we could only fish one area with a few shorts and we did settle the pool on the last drift. Here are a few pics and hope to see you soon. Sailing everyday including Monday, memorial day.

Friday, May 22, 2015

FLUKE TIME finally

     We made it through a tough spring with the stripers never really taking hold and then the bluefish taking over. It's a shame that when we did have good blue fishing not many showed up for a fun tough fighting fish. I have not put up a post in a few days with the same thing happening except the last couple of days even the blues were hard to find.  But now its Fluke time and hopefully they are there and hungry. Hope to see everyone again soon and I may not be able top put a report up until late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fri & Sat - Beat Blues to a Drum

     The fishing the last two days has been good but all bluefish except for a short striper on Sat afternoon.  On the morning trip John Doll had long fight with an estimated 80 lb. drum which we released after a few pics. Still sailing 2 trips daily so if you want have fun fighting the blues come on down. Here are some pics.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update to May 14 - Look who showed up

    We had a good pick of big blues yesterday morning 20 minutes from the dock. Was a little breezy and with the wind against tide situation for the afternoon we decided not to go, not that there were enough patrons around anyway. Went to the same area this morning and started off with a short bass but only got a slow pick going with the blues, but enough to keep everyone interested. Moved to a new area to try for bass but again caught the blues. On the afternoon trip tried two different areas with the same results of just a pick on blues up to over 12 lbs and a would be keeper FLUKE. One more week to FLUKE season on May 22.  Here are a couple of pics.

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