Friday, August 28, 2015

Weds /Thurs reports

     We had good turnouts for the morning trips the last 2 days but not in the afternoon and going out with light crowds. So if one wants some room on the boat try the afternoon trip leaving @ 1:30.  Put a catch together on Weds morning but in the afternoon the winds picked up against the tide so it made drifting a little slow and it got a little rolly. Thursday morning, another nice one, we only picked slowly at shorts with a few keepers mixed in as was the case in the afternoon too. David Pearlstien took  the pool in the afternoon staying on from the morning trip. Kenny took the pool in the morning with his only keeper. Here are a few  pics.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mon/Tues reports - little guys rule

    The last couple of days we have seen a few more little guys coming out and catching their first fluke. Although we are not seeing the short action we  had last week we are picking with some keepers mixed in. Monday's pool winner Rich Wehringer had 2 keepers and little William O'Donnell got his first fluke. On the afternoon trip the Eldrige party of 4 ended up with 5 keepers and the pool. Pictured is Cody Eldridge and Kyle Milne. Just a few keepers on Tuesday morning with not too many fisherpeople showing up because of the WRONG weather forecast AGAIN. Same on the afternoon but we had better fishing with Little Finn  @ 4 1/2 getting 2 keepers with help from dad. Looks like nice weather this week so come on down. Here are a few pics.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend report

     We got a decent turnout  on the weekend but not the bigger crowds we have been carrying.  working with the conditions we put together a nice catch on Saturday morning with ok short action. Forgot the camera but Ayla Aviles showed her father Vito up by nailing a 5 3/4 lber  only to get beat by Stan Balewitz  with a 6 3/4 lb pool winner. On the afternoon trip it took forever to get a drift but then we picked slowly at shorts and some keepers. Sunday morning and afternoon were  also decent relatively speaking, with Jennifere Girardi taking the pool with a 5 lber in the morning and little Noah Hahn got a couple of keepers in the afternoon. Here are the pics from Sunday.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thurs/Fri reports *%# weatherpeople

     On Thursday we had breezy conditions again, especially in the afternoon.  Dan Olgalvie took the pool in the morning with his one keeper and asked me to say that this one is for you "Doc" Jenkins (sorry if the spelling is wrong). Jenkins has been a long time customer but is home with health issues, our regards to him. A light crowd in the afternoon but we still picked shorts an a few keepers despite the wind.  Friday morning the rain stopped early and it turn out to be a very nice day but not many showed up.. Karen Kerney took the pool with her 6 lb beauty which had been the first keeper she caught in several trips on other boats. Her and her companion Steven Leighton combined for 3 keepers and Dave Harzold  had 2 keepers. On the afternoon trip the wind died and also the tide so we didn't have a drift half the afternoon. When we did start moving we picked at short, sea robins and couple of keepers. Looks nice today so hope to see you, here are the pics.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tues/Weds 8/18-19 reports - better lucky than good

     Only fair fishing as far as keepers go but decent short action the last two days. Weds morning the first keeper was a beauty by 10 year old Ryan Salerno weighing in at 6 3/4 lbs almost as big as him. He was beaten by first timer Barbara Franco (with a rod rental) who landed a 7 1/4 lber to take the pool. On the afternoon trip the winds really kicked up so it got a little choppy but not terrible. We tried in close but only a couple of shorts so went out a little more to find a few keepers. We did with better short action and Victor Arnao boating a 7 1/2 lb beauty for the pool.  Nothing that big on Tuesday but here are some pics from the last 2 days. Weather looks ok today but watch it for tomorrow.

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