Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday 8/31 and pics from Sat.

   Another good day on the water with a lot of short action and a good amount of keepers on board on both trips.  On the afternoon trip Roger Lee took the pool with a 7 1/4 lber topping Wayne Turners 5 1/2 lber. One family group of 7 ended up with 7 keepers (pictured with 5). Looks like another good day wind wise so come on down and ignore the chance of showers or thunderstorms. We only had a quick shower on the way in on Sunday. Here are pics from Sat and Sun.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sat 8/30

   We had a great morning bite with lots of action. Shorts and keepers coming in constantly and we had one of the best days of this year for total number of keepers. John Mundjer took his limit out of  the seven he caught while John Doll and daughter Cortney combined for 8 keepers.  In the afternoon the south wind kicked up and so did the seas with the tide against it. We were the only boat to go back out to the morning area  to pick away at the fish though not as good as the morning. Pat Lamb took the pool with one of his two beauties he caught. Forgot the camera so will post the pics tomorrow. Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thurs -Fri reports

     Had good fishing both trips on Friday with lots of shorts and a good amount of keepers in the mix. We fished in the nice ocean despite what the weather people were saying about large ground swells and rip tides which absolutely do not affect  us away from the beach. Jungmin Lee, no relation to other Lees  that fish on the boat, took the pool on the PM trip with a 6 lber beating out a 5 1/2 lber. Thurs morning we had to go north to get away from the flood tide against the Northerly winds. Once the current eased off we went back to the channel and had a good bite with lots of shorts but not as many keepers as we would have liked but Jong-Kyu Park did get 3 keepers. In the afternoon we again had to wait for the current so slow down but ended up with a good bite on the last 2 drifts. Here are some pics. We are still sailing 2 trips daily.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tues Weds 8/26 & 27 - 12 lbs of fluke

   Caught some nice fish along with a good pick of shorts in the morning  on Tues with Steven Goetz of High Bridge catching a 7 lb pool winner along with his 5 lber.  In the afternoon the wind came up so we retreated back to the bay with a pick of shorts but only a few keepers. A nice morning  on Weds let us get back to the channel a nd had a good pick of shorts but not as many keepers as Tues.  Again the wind came up in the afternoon that made it a little uncomfortable in the ocean but we still managed  picking shorts and keepers with Bob Stevens taking the afternoon pool. Here are some pics not including Bob's.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fri thru Mon 8/25

     We have had to many days of no drift with wind against the tide especially in the morning. The ocean has also been a little too rolly to fish but we have been getting out there the last two days. Unfortunately some patrons can not take it so we try not to stay out there too long. Looks like its calming down so we will try to go out there again. Highlight of the week was Roger Lee catching  a 8 1/2 lber on Sunday and we are see more keepers spread around the boat with short action. Steve O'Donnell of Colonia took the pool with a 5 lber in the morning on Mon.  Matthew and Dominick Paniconi took it on the afternoon trip with a 4 lber. Here are some pics of the past few days.

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