Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sat 9/29 First bottom trip

We had good action all day on both trips with mostly porgies, some sea bass and even a trigger fish and weakfish. Cheese lady Laurie took the pool in the morning with a nice porgy and had a total of 17 keepers. In the afternoon a few less fish were caught but she topped her bucket with a nice weakfish while her nephew Josh took the pool with a trigger fish.  Here are some pics of the trips.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

recent pictures

To tues 9/25

Still managing to catch some keepers every trip with weakfish and blues mixed in and of course shorts and sea robins. We even had a couple of stripers in the mix.              
Tues afternoon Bill Sovak of Sufferen NY was high hook and pool winner with 3 keepers, the most he has caught this year btw.  We will not be able to fish offshore on Weds with high wind and wave warning but my try to get out there on Thurs and Fri afternoons WEATHER PERMITTING. Therefore we may be coming in later then u normal. We will be switching to bottom fishing on Sat 9/29 for porgies , sea bass and blackfish still on the same half day schedule. Thanks for looking in.    

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday 9/17

Had fair fishing in the channels in the morning , not like the day before.  The afternoon however was much better as we ventured to another area.  With a small group of anglers we had good action and a good amount of keepers.  Bob Caputo led the pack with his limit and a 5 1/2 lb pool winner.  A father and his 2 young sons  ended up with 6 keepers.  Got a little rolly as the South wind came on but it was a nice ride in.  Here are some pictures from that trip and some from the previous days.  If your thinking of coming on Weds you should hold off to another day.  Thanks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

To Sunday 9/16

We had good fishing relatively speaking, on Friday morning and Sunday morning. Saturday 's wind made it difficult to fish the channel so we, everybody stayed on the beach making long drifts and picking at sea robins, shorts and an occasional keeper. On Sunday morning Roger Lee had the honor of catching his limit and the pool. That afternoon we went right back to where we lift them biting but were shocked not to catch anything. Looked around and found a few in an area including a 5 lber by Johan Schreier of
Suffern NY and a 6 3/4 lber by John Barrett of Bordentown. A few other keepers were caught along with some shorts and of course sea robins. Today looks good but Tues and Weds do not so you may want to hold off to Thurs before coming down. Forgot the camera so will add more pics later tonight. Thanks for looking in.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Some more pictures

To 9 / 13 the past week

Had some beautiful weather this week with cool mornings and warm afternoons, light winds and a clam ocean. I personally think this is the nicest time of the year to fish.  The action has picked up in the later part of the week with more keepers mixed in. Some highlights of the week were Wayne Turner with 4 keepers one morning up to 5 lbs and Irish Kevin with three that afternoon.Teacher Bob  with one of his pool fish and Josh with his. Even Bill Bergen made it to the board and of course Bob Caputo. Len with a nice would be pool fish but he was not in it.  Fishing the channel and the beach so at times the drift can be fast, be prepared to fish heavier weights. Here are some pics of the week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor day 9 / 3

Had and ok morning for the way its been and not being able to venture into the ocean with rough seas and 20 + mph winds.  Bob Caputo took the pool with a 6 lber and was high hook with 3 keepers. Two fishermen in the stern had 4 keepers between them and Stephanie came in a close 2 nd with this 5 1/2 lber.  Few other keepers around the boat kept it interesting but not enough to say it was good.  The afternoon  trip was even slower but teacher Bob did manage 2 keepers and the pool.  Have not been out since then and the ocean does not look like a place to fish for a few days.  Here are some pics from Monday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday 8/31

Ended up with a big crowd in the morning on this nice day.  Picked fish every drift but no as fast as we would have liked, mostly shorts and sea robins with a occasional keeper mixed in.  Jennifer took the pool with this 4 lber.  In the afternoon with a much smaller crowd  we ventured offshore to deeper waters and some rough bottom to pick at some shorts and few keepers but had a few nice black sea bass mixed in. Here are some pictures from yesterday of Bob Sabo and a couple of nice sea bass and John Doll with his pool winning fluke.  We will see what today brings and don't forget the afternoons are usually less crowded than the  mornings.  See you soon.

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