Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sat 5/31 tough way to end the month

With 20 plus mph winds out of the NNE we did not have many places to fish so just about the entire fluke fleet ended up by the bug light and Coast Guard dock area in the morning and therefore the result was a poor catch in the morning. We picked at some shorts but only a few keepers were boated. In the afternoon the wind shifted and died down a little which gave us the opportunity to fish other areas so there was and improvement in the catch. The highlight of the afternoon was  Carlos Santiago boating a 7 lb 10 oz fluke to take the pool. Here is his pic and it looks like the weather will be better tomorrow.

Friday 5/30 Quality but not quantity

We had very nice turnout of people on the morning trip and knew it would be a tough job having everyone catch fish but at least we got some nicer size fish. Here are some examples: Warren White 7.5 lbs, Tim Gibney 7 lb, Vince Policano 5 lb 9oz, Mike Megliocco 5.5 lbs, Joe Zisa 5 lb, and Hank Stock 4 lb 10 oz. On the afternoon trip we did better than we have been doing catching about half as many fish as the morning with 1/3 as many anglers. Ralph Giannella took the pool with one at 5.5 lbs. Here are some pics. and just a reminder we are running our $20 season pool, see a mate for details.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Late repoort for Sun 5/25 thru Tues 5/27

Sunday and Monday was not so good fishing wise even though there was a good turnout of people. Not even alot of short action and way too many boats fishing the same areas, which did not help. On Tues morning we found a patch of keepers and had a decent catch but could not repeat it on the afternoon trip. Here are some pics from the  trip.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29 decent morning but not afternoon

Headed out on a cool morning with easterly winds off the ocean and put together a nice catch of keepers for the way it has been this year. Seems like the mornings generally are the way to go because the last few afternoons have been a little tough trying to catch keepers, today and Tuesday. I guess we catch up what comes in over night.  Here are a few pics from this morning, but not all the fish. I will post other pics from earlier this week tomorrow cause I know I'm falling behind,  lol  oops forgot this is not a text.

May 28 report, only boat

Most of the boats did not try to get out Weds with the weather report but we gave it a shot and ended with a nice gang of people but that was for the whole dock and some from other ports. Winds only stayed around 15 mph but it was cool and cloudy but it did not rain. We saw more action with short fluke and more sea robins than previous days and ended up with a catch of keepers. Ricky Gilchrist of E.Windsor took the pool and was high hook with 4 keepers. We did not make the afternoon trip with not enough showing up at the dock. We did not have much to report for the last few days (Sunday &Monday) because the fishing, other than Tues morning has not been that good. Here are some pics form Weds trip but will post pics of the last few days later.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sat 5/24 fluking

We did  have a good showing of  customers despite the not great weather forecast and another decent day of fishing. Didn't see much on the first couple of drifts in the morning due to a fast current and wind pushing us along but managed to put a catch together picking at mostly shorts with keeper here and there mixed in. Not as many people in the afternoon but caught almost as many keepers with fewer shorts. Jim Lee, a familiar name, took both morning and afternoon pools with fish just under 5 and 6lbs. In fact on the afternoon trip we had 4 fish between 5 and 6 lbs.and a nice bluefish mixed in.Here are some pics.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

5/23 Opening day of Fluke report

We did not have much of a turnout for an opening day, maybe because it was a weekday or the weather was not ideal. The fishing was decent and we caught fish in more than just one area i.e. the bug light. Did about the same on both trips with Pat Lamb taking the first fluke pool of 2014 in the  morning. We are sailing 2 trips every day and hope to see you soon. Here are some pics.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20 What happened ?

This morning was a little cool and breezy but turned out very nice weatherwise. Too bad the fishing did not. We did manage to settle to pool with a keeper striper but only picked @ blues before and after that. Sounds like most of the boats had the same thing going on. The afternoon trip was even slower with nothing on the first spot and then a slow pick on blues in the second. Tomorrow morning looks ok but the afternoon does not since the weatherman will probably scare most of the fares away and the fishing is not up to par.  We will see what happens on Thursday. Fluke Friday Yay!

May 19 report

We had a decent turnout for a Monday morning and started off with slow pick of bass, boating a few keepers and some blues but then the blues took over. Moved to another area and only blues and lost something big that we never saw.  The afternoon  trip was was not good as we only caught and lost a few blues (bite offs). Looks like a nice day today and tomorrow morning looks good but calling for showers in the P M. We will see what today brings and don't forget Friday  Fluke season opens and we will be switching over.  Here are a few pics.

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 18 another good day

We had a very nice turnout n the morning and despite the amount of boats around (weekend) and the amount of fares on the boat we still put a nice catch together boating about 25 keepers and some blues. The afternoon trip was also decent with  less people but it was ladies day as the women out caught the men 2 to 1, including the pool fish of 27.5 lbs. Here are the pics. 

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