Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday 9/29 Porgy time

     We did not make it out on Sunday or Monday but did on Tuesday morning. With just a handful of anglers we picked away at some nice size porgies and shorts along with mixed size sea bass that we can not keep. The weather was very nice and everyone went home with fish but the forecast scared the afternoon fishermen so we did not make it out. Nobody got out this morning but we will try this afternoon for the last trip till next week with the storm coming in. Maybe we will see you and here are a few pics.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fri/Sat reports - the last fluke

     On Friday no boats except the Sea Hunter (who had a large group coming) tried to go out being restricted on where to fish due to the weather. In the afternoon we were the only boat to try and got out with just enough to go. Conditions a little better with wind and tide together but the drift did get fast with 15-20 mph N E winds.  Picked a few shorts and keepers in a couple of different areas but it was not good although we did have a lady catching 2 keepers. On Saturday morning we were the only boat to light up and sail open ending up with a decent crowd while  telling everyone what the weather and fishing situation was and not to expect much. Same results catching a few keepers and shorts around the boat but it was cold and breezy.  In the afternoon we were again the only game in town so we sailed our last fluke trip of 2015. Jonathan Harmon took the pool but his dad was high hook with 2 keepers. Here are a few pics and remember we are now bottom fishing for porgies and blackfish on the same schedule. I do not know what to expect since we can not go into the ocean for a few more days, so we will try this morning to see. Call before you come down.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weds PM and Thurs reports

       Ok we did not shape or go out Mon or Tues and thought we would wait till Weds afternoon but we forgot the bout the holiday and missed gong out on the morning. I apologize to you that came down in the morning but we did try on the afternoon trip and got out with a nice group but only picked a few keepers and shorts as we wire kind of restricted to where we could go. Did both trips today as it turned out very nice but again some keepers and only a few shorts and etc with sea robins and doggies. On the afternoon tip with only a handful of fishermen Paul Gamba nailed  a 4 lber and the pool fish of 6 1/4 lbs so there are still a few nice ones around. We will be trying to sail till the end of fluke on Sat 9/26 and then switch to bottom fishing for porgies and blackfish on the same half day schedule. Here are a few pic but we were lacks on the morning pics of today with Ed Scagliota getting the pool( sorry for the spelling).

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sat/Sun You never know

     People always ask how was the fishing this morning or yesterday but that has nothing to do with how it will be. Saturday morning we found a little patch of fish and worked it over to end up with a good catch.  Gary and daughter Elizabeth totaled 5 keepers and the pool, Ron Arnau and dad Eddie 3 keepers, and others with one and two keepers. The afternoon was not as good with the hard south wind blowing but we did put together a little catch.  This morning was not to nice out there but we worked hard to get some keepers in the boat with a couple of fishermen getting 2 and some one along with a  few shorts. We did not think we would make the afternoon trip today with the way the weather was this morning but we did being the only boat and it was actually nicer then the morning. Picked some keepers and shorts but was not good overall.  Tomorrow does not look good so do not come down. Here are some pics.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Thurs/Fri reports Great weather

     We got both trips the last two days enjoying the great weather. It got a little breezy in the afternoons but made it very comfortable. Picked at the fish now mostly in the channels so don't bring light rods. Mostly shorts and sea robins with the keepers mixed in. The weather looks good over the weekend but the early part of next week we may have some N E winds to deal with and will not be able to fish out in the ocean, so keep in touch with us. Here are a few pics.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weds - two more beauties

      The weather on both trips Wednesday was beautiful.  On top of that the fishing was also better as we ventured out to another area for the tide change. Picked at shorts and a few more keepers than we have been seeing with a 5 lb pool winner in the afternoon. Nice weather through the weekend so come on down. We are still sailing 2 half day trips every day and will stay with the fluke until September 26, then switching to bottom fishing on the same schedule.  Here are a few pics.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mon/Tues reports

     We were not expecting much on Monday with the wind forecast but it was a holiday and we made it out gathering up some fishermen in the last half hour before sailing.. the Wind did come on gusting to over 25 mph and we had to fish the beach where it was very comfortable. Keepers were few and far between but we did pick at some shorts and quite a few sea robins and dogfish(sand sharks) on both trips. Tuesday was much nicer especially in the late morning and afternoon. Fished in the bay where we were not bothered by that many sea robins and dogs and picked at shorts with a few keepers. The rest of the week and weekend look very nice weather wise so come down and enjoy it before it gets cold. Here are a couple of pics of a couple of the fish.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend report a little better

    The last two mornings we have seen increase n the short action and number of  fish kept. Dragging bait and gulp seems to produce more keepers but a good jigger can get a lot of action with the shorts like Vinnie Battista who said he caught about 30 shorts. Ethan Rakotci got the pool with one of his two keepers, Bob ( Bill came out) Seibel had 2 and so did Bob Smith on Saturday morning along with other singles caught. On the afternoon trip the wind kicked up and the catching went down. The same scenario happened on Sunday with a decent morning and breezy afternoon. Today looks a little breezy but we will be sailing and trying our best but  rest of the week though looks very nice. Saturday Sept 26 is the last day to fluke. Hope to see you soon and here are some pics.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Ten pounder on 9/11

     We did not sail on Thursday with rain coming down and no fishermen showing up. Today we did with a small group that showed up at the last minute. Slow morning picking at shorts and just a few keepers but was interesting as we had group of policemen and firefighters that included a bagpipe player to remember 9 /11.  It was quite breezy and cool but we got the morning in. On the afternoon trip the wind died and it turned out very nice. Picking at some shorts and a few keepers and then something big on. Acting very strange we had a net  and a gaff ready but it turned out to be a ten pound fluke that was not hooked in the mouth by Robert Szczelk. Also pictured is professor Dan Ogilvie with his keeper and Gerry Wronski with his. Hope I did not get the names mixed up. Here are the pics.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tues/Weds reports

     Fishing was not much better on Tuesday but on the afternoon triip Bob Sabo did manage 2 keepers. On Wednesday we worked a small area and got some keepers together plus shorts, in fact more than half the boat had keepers. Pool winner was Norm Turling with a 6 3/4 lb fluke. We did not make it out on the afternoon trip due to lack of clients and today does not look promising. You may want to wait until tomorrow before venturing down since they are predicting more thunderstorms and that will stop fishermen from coming down. Here are a couple of pics.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sat, Sun and labor day Challenging

     That's the best way to put it is challenging. Since the strong east wind on Friday that left a good size swell the fishing dropped off. We are still catching some shorts and a few keepers but it is not good. Hopefully it will pick up again but we can only wait and see what happens. The Fluke season ends on September 26, last day. Hope we can make it to then. After that we will switch to bottom fishing for porgies and the one blackfish  you can keep still on the half day schedule till about Mid or late October, check the web site or call before you come down. Here are a few pics but not from Labor day since I for got the camera.

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