Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally a break in the weather

We have not sailed since Sun. Dec. 7 due to the cold temps, high winds and lack of patronage. The next few days look good with Friday and Saturday being the better days to fish. We will be there tomorrow to try and get out but I 'm not sure how the turnout will be. Sunday's temps look great but looks like there may be quite a bit of wind and rough seas, so just a heads up. Hope to see you soon and just a note, if temps are going to be close to or below freezing and/or  the winds are 25mph or more then don't bother coming down. Thanks for checking in.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Its blackfishing

What do I mean by that is, its not an easy fish to catch and the experienced can do very well while others watch and scratch their heads.  Every day we see some with limits or better and some with a few shorts, but the fish are there to catch. Don't be afraid to move to another spot on the boat, especially if its not crowded because with blackfish sometimes only a certain area of the boat produces. Do not infringe on another angler but watch, move and learn. So my report is fishing has been good over all, some with limits or better and some with only a few shorts, at 15 inches we are throwing alot more back this year. Example, Capt Bob Sidorski formerly of the Satellite, caught 17 fish of which he took his limit out of the 7 keepers he caught on yesterdays trip. John Johanson got his limit and the pool fish of 6 + lbs. yesterday also. Here are just a couple of pics from the other day. Hope to see you soon and remember that we do not get crowded even on the weekends this time of year.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 1 & 2 reports

On Sunday we started off shore with too many other boats and had a hard time getting a bite going. We then moved inshore and did get a a bite going catching mostly shorts with  keepers mixed in.  One young man 9 yr old Harry Boland managed 10 blackfish, 2 of them keepers. On Monday we got out with only a handful of  regulars and had a nice steady pick all day with everyone going home with keepers and enough short action to keep them busy. Here are some pics from the last two days. We are trying to sail every day with Wednesday looking like the best day this week.


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