Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend report

Very nice Sat morning with a good crowd of people made us work several different areas but we did put a catch together. We are see more shorts in some areas and the keepers are generally nicer fish. The  southerly wind came on in the afternoon that made it hard to fish some of the areas we wanted to and we did not do as good as the morning. On Sunday the wind came up even earlier but we still caught a few on the flats by the Navy pier. Here are some pics and again don't forget that some of the parking areas will be closed due to the Fair this week.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thurs 6/26 and Fri 6/27 reports

We had nice weather  the last couple of days that will last through the weekend. The fishing (catching i.e.) remains pretty much the same, picking at shorts and keepers with some anglers going home with 2 or 3 and of course some  with only memories of a nice day on the water. The "Duke" went home withe 3 Thurs afternoon and Dierdra with 2 and the pool on Friday afternoon. Hope to see you soon and just a note, the fireman's fair will be starting on July 1 so there will be even less parking so try and come down earlier. Here are some pics.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tues / Weds reports and pics

We are still managing to put some catches together depending on conditions and of course the fishermen on board. Both spros and baits are working but the gulp added to them really helps. Wrong wind direction or too much wind and  even not enough wind all affect the fishing. If you end up catching a keeper or two consider having yourself a  good day. Here are some pics.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday 6/23 Working Hard

It has been  a lot of work to try and put a catch together but I think it is paying off and we are holding our own. Even a first timer young lady caught 2 keepers showing up her grandpa. What I mean is that we do a lot of power drifting holding edges and trying to hit certain areas and spots. We do not usually just put the boat on a drift and hope for the best as some captains do. Therefore, we would appreciate if  one would not fish in the back of the boat because I don't want to cut you off and I do not want your line (especially the spider wire) on our shafts and in the cutlasses. Here are a few pics from Monday's catch but not all the fish.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sat & Sun reports 6/21 & 22

Did not want to say too much the other day since it was the weekend and too many boats that would be following us around. Had good size groups on Sat and decent fishing to go along with it catching 2 to 4 keepers along with short action. Sunday morning was not as good even with  the better weather and  smaller groups but more boats, we worked hard to gather up about a dozen keepers. The afternoon was better but still not as good as Saturday's fishing. Looks like a nice week coming up so hope to see you soon. Here are some  pics from Sunday's trips.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just pictures

Here are some pics from the last couple of trips, need I say more. : )

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thurs 6/19 good finiish

The early part of the day was breezy with north winds about 15 -20 mph  until  later in the morning. worked  a couple of our usual areas on only caught a few keepers but did have more shorts then have been catching, a good sign. In the afternoon it started off slow with a light  rain falling catching a few keepers and picked some shorts.
We move out to another area and caught the tide just right and had a great drift picking at shorts and some nice keepers. Went back up for another one but the drift got too fast. We did end up with a nice catch of more keepers than  fares, which these days is pretty good. Here are some pics including Weds 8.5 lb pool winner.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weds 6/18 & another beauty

Breezy conditions hampered us again from working the areas we wanted to and it was uncomfortable fishing there. Managed a few keepers and short action was only fair in the morning. In the afternoon wind and tide were together so we got a couple of good long drifts before the wind died and then the temps got HOT.  At least there is always current to help us along in our area so we used it to our advantage. Had a good afternoon with with a lot of keepers (compared to the morning) on board with fish up to Paul Gamba's 8.5 lb flattie. Here is a picture on the next report.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mon & Tues got to be in it

The last 2 mornings have been decent  with quite a few nice fish coming aboard. Mike DiSantos took the pool on Mon morning with a 7 lber  on a nice quiet morning but then the south wind came up in the afternoon and it made it difficult to fish the areas we like cause of bad drifting conditions. Same thing happened Tuesday, nice catch of decent fish but not alot of action in the morning. Scroll down for the rest of the report.

. We are wondering where are the numerous shorts and sea robins that give us the action between keepers. The afternoon there was less wind than Mon but still enough to make it tough. We did however catch our biggest of this year,k a 9 lb doormat by John Aniolowski of Fords, but as they say, got to be in it to win it but he was not in the pool. Here are some pics.

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