Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tue & Wed 6/28 - 6/29

Had decent fishing the last 2 days with a few nicer fish coming aboard. On tues morning George Gackstatter of Chester hit a 5 3/4 lber but later on was beaten out by Chris Paskewich of Roselle Park with a nice 9 lber. Afew other nice fish were caught working a small area we drifted over. In the afternoon we made a long drift in the reach with nce conditions and pulled up 2 six lbers, one by Art Hoover of Sayerville and another by Ms O'Niel who barely beat Art s fish. Here are a few photos of that trip. One Wed the morning started slow but we ended up in good shape with more keepers than we thought we had. The afternoon conditions however restrained us to one area of the bay and the keeper count was reduced. Looks like a another nice day today so we hope to see u on board.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sat 6/25

A very nice morning weather wise after the previous two but with little wind and current we did not have any drifting conditions until the last hour. We caught most of our fish then including the pool winner 5 1/2 lbs by Austin Kievit of Livingston and a 5 lber by Jackie Burger of Pompton Plains. Much better drift in the afternoon gave us lots of short action and a good amount of keepers. Lou Riccardi of Matawan was high hook with 5 keepers to add to his two for the morning trip. Dave Fernandes had a 5 lber and John Mundjer a 4 1/2 but not good enough to beat the 6 1/2 lber by Ron Marchee of Manahawken N J. Here are some of todays photos.

Past week to Friday 6/24

The last two days the weather has not been good and we were confined to the bay. However yesterday morning Bob Caputo of Lawrence Harbor did catch 7 keepers but didnt get the pool fish. Earlier this week Dan Ogelvie of Piscatawy got the pool with this 5 1/4 lber and the big fish for the week was 8 1/2 lber by Rich Mastriani of West N Y N. J.. Here are some more photos of the fish.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday 6/19

The past weekend the mornings were very busy for the boats because of fathers day but on the afternoons the crowds were much less. Sunday afternoon we long drifts in the bay with good conditions. We picked at shorts and some nice keepers also came up. Here are a couple of youg ladies who came with their dads and showed them how to catch keepers. Jade Scharnikow (9) of Piscataway took the pool on her first fluke trip and Laura Scheid of Trenton also caught a beauty. Good job ladies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 14 update and pictures

Fishing seems to stay the same with good short action and some nice keepers mixed in. The weather, the winds that is, sometimes make it hard to fish where we want. We have been fishing the channel by the point of Sandy Hook as well as the Raritan Reach channel and the flats by the Navy pier. On Monday ten year old Fran Duffy of Allentown PA showed up his grandfather as well as some other experienced fishermen by catching 2 keepers including the 6 lb pool winner. The weather looks good the next few days so we hope to see u soon. Here are some recent pictures from Friday to yesterday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update and pictures to 6/10

Hi everyone. On Friday 6/10 John Mundjer of Old Bridge managed a 6.80 lb pool winner along with a few other keepers and lots of shorts. John Doll of Middletown was high hook with 5 keepers and here are some pics of the two Johnnies and their catch. In the afternoon we looked in another area and found some nice fish but we lost the drift. A young asian man whose name we didn't get took the pool that afternoon. On Sat. 6/11 we had bad conditions with lots of east winds and cool temps but got a catch together in the bay of about 25 keepers and lots of short action. Sunday's weather does not look so great but if the wind doesn't pick up we can explore other areas. Hope to see u soon. Capt. Hal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fluking with the Deck Girls

On Thursday, June 2, several of the ladies from On The Deck joined us for a morning of fluking. Conveniently located a short walk from the Sea Tiger II, On The Deck is a great spot to grab a bite to eat & some refreshment before or after a fishing trip. Thank you Lisa for sharing your photos with us. Looks like everyone had a fun trip.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fishing reports to 6/5

Hi everybody, I have been a little lax on the reports but the fishing is getting better and now we are seeing a few bigger fish. Of course its a daily thing with days of good drifting condions in the right places making all the difference. The last two afternoons were productive with Boris Kogelman of Manalapan cathing a 7 3/4 lber but he was not in the pool but Ricardo Rodrigez of Cliffside Park was and caught a 5 1/2 lber to win the pool that afternoon. Yesterday morning Mike Vivenzo of Parsipany won with a 6 1/2 lber. Saturday afternoon was all Jersey Boys catching a good portions of the 30 keepers we had for the p m trip. Here are some recent photos including a group of the deck girls out for some fun.

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