Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thurs and Fri 4/26 & 27

Hi everyone, we didn't make it out on weds despite the nice weather but did on Thurs and Fri in the not so nice weather, go figure.  Just a handful showed up on Thurs morning  but we went out anyway and had good fishing on 2 drops, one in the ocean and one in the bay.  Dalton Carhart of our town shined by taking his limit out of the 5 keeper bass he caught.  Yesterday we didn't  think we would be going out because of the gale wind forecast but we did, and even made the afternoon.  Good bass fishing both trips with a lot more blues for the first time.  We also got a great look at the space shuttle flying over in the morning.  Here are some pics for the last few trips.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23 and days prior

Hi everybody, we were the only party boat to sail the last two days cause of the threatening weather but it really was not that bad and we did manage a decent catch of fish.  Only made the morning trips on Sunday and Monday with small groups and not enough for the afternoons.  Here are some photos of some fishermen happy that we took them out.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20th - past week report

Last few days fishing has been good but this afternoon was a little slower.  Had a few long time,  didn't want to say old,  fishermen who caught their first striped bass this week.  The weekend looks a little iffy but we will be there to see who comes down. Just a couple more weeks to fluke season and they are starting to show up.  Hope to see you soon. Here are some recent pictures of  our catches.

1st striper, should have been in it to win it!

Pool winner Dalton Carhart

They're here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Past week to Monday 4/16

Since I last posted the fishing had or should I say the catching had gone down to just a few fish per trip. Yesterday morning was very slow with just a couple of fish but the afternoon was a different story as we had a nice pick the whole afternoon and ended up with a nice catch. Hopefully this trend will continue so hope to see you soon. Here are some updated photos.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tues 4/10 and Weds 4/11 - Thats why its called fishing

On Tuesday we headed out with a couple of families and their kids expecting to work extra hard so we could get a catch together. It paid off and we ended up with a niced catch of stripers picking till the end of the morning. On the afternoon trip it was even better was we got a boat limit for everyone on board. Lots of smiling faces on these trips. Wednesday we expected another good day but all the boats were disappointed as the fish never turned on and lots of different areas were tried, so thats why they call it fishing. Here are some great photos.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sat 4/7 clam slam bloood bath and next 2 days

Did prettygood on Sat A M trip considering what some of the other boats did managing about 20 keepers for the group on board but of course it was a stern job where most of the fish were caught in the back of the boat. Quite a few decided to stay for the afternoon trip and were glad they did. Went back to where we were catching in the morning only to find little current and no results. So we took a ride out to where we caught some the afternoon before and then all hell broke lose with 3 to 4 on at a time and an afternoon of madness even through the tide change. Over 50 keeper stripers and a dozen big flounder were boarded which almost gave us a boat limit (of bass) and a lot of smiling faces cause this time we caught all around the boat. Sunday only a handful of keepers and Monday we braved the winds of up to 50 mph to catch only a couple. Rest of the week looks ok weather wise so hope to see you down.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday 4/6 and the last couple days

Had a pick both trips today with the afternoon producing more keepers with 1/3 the people on board. We are on the full moon so the currents are much stronger than they normally are. With that in mind you want to try and get down early to get a spot near the back of the boat. Absolutly georgous afternoon today made it worth being out there. We even managed a few flounders mixed in. Here are some pics from the last few days.

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