Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday's report 4/28

It was a very nice day and less boats on the water so we could not blame the boat traffic for affecting the bite.  Same results as the weekend, just a few keepers in the morning and a couple in the afternoon with a couple of shorts mixed in. Took a ride to the back of the bay and did not have many readings on the fish finder so i 'm  assuming its the new moon coming up that shut the bite down. No boats sailed yesterday or today with the strong east winds and not sure about Thursday. Here are some pics from Sunday and Monday.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend report

Have not posted last couple of days so  the report is that weekend fishing was not like Friday's. Just a slow pick on more shorts then keepers and we only ended up with a few keepers each trip. Maybe because of the amount of boats and traffic in the area or coming up on the moon. Hope today they bite again because the next few days do not look good, especially Weds and Thurs. My home phone is not working so if you need to get in touch with me try my cell @ 732 673 1482 the next couple of days. Will post some pics later so hope to see  you soon. Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fri 4/25 The bite was on

We did not sail the morning trip due to coast guard inspection  but did get out in the afternoon with small group even with the nice write up we had in the Asbury Park Press. Caught fish right away and picked through the afternoon with several limits of keepers and shorts mixed in. Everyone on board caught fish and we ended up with one short of a boat limit. Tom Wismer of Derkasie PA took the pool as he and his buddy limiting out (cooler pic). We are sailing every day now so come on down. If the weather sounds a little iffy please call ahead. Here are some pics from Friday's trip.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday 4/22 and next couple of days

Got out with a handful of anglers on another nice day. Picked a few keepers and a a few shorts through the morning but nothing exciting. Got out again in the afternoon with another handful of anglers and tried other areas but it did not work out. We will NOT be sailing until Friday afternoon trip due to the winds the next couple of days and another obligation on Friday morning. Hope to see you after that.  Thanks for looking in.

Easter Sunday and Monday

Although it was nice on land Sunday but we had a cold easterly wind that made it different on the water. We did pick slowly at the fish with more shorts than keepers coming over the rail. Monday was a much nicer day and we had good short action with over 20 caught but only managed 3 keepers with Lou getting his limit and Woody catching about 6 or 7 shorts himself.  On the afternoon trip we the ratio was the same of both keepers and shorts but  less action than the morning with Tom Karg of Bedminster did get his limit. This morning looks like it will be ok but they are calling for showers in the afternoon and that may hamper some fishermen to show up.  Keep an eye on the weather because tomorrow looks windy and we may not go. Here are some pics from the last 2 days.
Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nice day on the bay

Did not make it out on Good Friday, not so good considering in years past it was one to look forward to. Today we did and it turned out to be a beauty. With a small group of fishermen we did manage 5 nice keepers and a couple of shorts on the morning trip. The afternoon  started with a bang with 2 nice keepers right away but that was it. Moved to another spot to catch another and miss a few bites, but they would not turn on even with the warmer out going tide. Anyway it is a start and we will be sailing on the morning trip only tomorrow and both trips every day after that. Hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ready to Start Regular Fishing Schedule

We'll be starting our regular daily schedule on Friday, April 18th, running 1/2 day departing at 8AM and 1:30PM. We'll be clamming for striped bass, hoping the bite will finally turn on now that the weather is settling.

On Easter Sunday, we will be only be fishing the morning trip. Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thurs April 10 - Lets start fishing

Hi everybody, it's been a long cold winter and that has not helped the early season fishing so that is why we are starting later than usual. Hope everyone made it through and we look forward to seeing you again. We will start by fishing Sat and Sun this week and then will begin a daily schedule on Fri 4/18.  Hopefully the fish will start to turn on with the warmer temps this week. Hope to see you then.

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