Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fluke closer, moving to bottom fishing

Hi everyone, been a little lax in posting but this fluke season slowed down to a crawl despite some inflated and inaccurate reports from other vessels. Caught quite a few nice sized fish at the end, like Jerry Mahoney's 6.5lbers this morning and Pat Lamb's two 7.5lbers a few days ago.

With the closing of fluke season, we are now switching to bottom fishing for porgies and blackfish. Keeper limit for blackfish is currently one fish at 15" per person until Nov 16th, when the limit jumps to 6 fish per person. Black Sea Bass opens this Friday, Sept 27 with 20 fish per person at 12.5". Black Sea Bass is open until Oct 14th, closes, then reopens on Nov 1st.

For now we will remain on our half day schedule through Columbus day, Monday, Oct 14 (2 trips daily, 8:00AM and 1:30PM), after that please check our home page.

I apologize for the lack of reports, but some of my competitors have been posting exaggerated and erroneous reports. This fluke season has been ok at best. We don't pad reports, and when we say keepers, we mean keeper fluke, not everything else that one can keep. Read between the lines!

Pictures to follow later this week.

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