Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update to 5/25 fluke report

Hi everybody. Haven't posted in a few days but the fishing is status quo with the morning trips producing more keepers than the afternoon. We now have some nice warmer weather coming the next few days which should warm the waters and bring up the temps as well as allow us to fish other areas. Hoping to see a few big fish the next few days. Hope to see u soon

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19 report - bigger fluke move in

Had two nice trips today after having two days off. Although there wasn't alot of keepers this morning there was better quality. Frank Bettler of Allentowen PA caught a 6 lber abut was beaten by Nate Chudy of
Flemington NJ with a 9.83 lber. In the afternoon with only a handful of patrons, mate Earl Farwell of Atlantic Highlands started with a 6.25 lber on the first drift and on the last drift Art Hoover of Sayerville won the pool with another 6 lber, way to go boys. Action was decent with the shorts and we actually ended up with more keepers in the afternoon with half the patrons than the morning. Should be an interesting weekend if this pace keeps up. Hope to see u soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/17 fluke update

Haven't posted in a while but there has not been much to report since opening day. The fishing seems to stay the same with morning trips out producing the afternoon trips since only a few areas are holding the fish. The weather lately has limited us to fishing the bay and the cool temps are not helping the water to warm up and draw more fish in. Still trying to get out every day but today we didn't and tomorow does not look good either. Hope to see u soon and don't forget about our special weekday rates: Monday thru Thursday, all adult and senior fares $30.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

FLUKE May 7 opening day report

We were pleasantly surprised today with the early season opening and the cold weather we have had. Caught about a hundred fluke with over 30 being keepers on the morning trip. Top honors went to Jimmy Lee of Palasaides Park N J with 5 keepers for the day and John Mundjer of South River caught the first keeper of the season. The afternoon trip was not as productive with lousy drifting conditions but we did manage a 6.3 lber by Chris Ferry of Frenchtown NJ. Hope the Fluke keep coming and it gets better. Hope to see u soon and dont forget about our special may week day rates for the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

updated reports to May 3

The last couple of days we have only seen fair fishing over all. Slow fishing on Sunday morning with better fishing in the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday mornings were on the slow side with the better and lucky fishermen or ladies getting most of the action. Tues afternoon started out slow but then the fish turned on and we had a nice bite for a little while including an 18 inch winter flounder. I think the highlight of the safternoon was when Mike Kushwara of Port Monmouth NJ yelled "my first striper after 50 years". We were all surprised and happy. He then went on to get his limit and missed a couple others. A fun afternoon despite the cold 20 mph south wind. Looking at his picture though u wouldnt think he was happy. Only a few more days to Fluke.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sat April 30 reports

A nice showing of people for all the boats but the fish decided to be a little elusive and not as hungry. Tough morning with strong currents which made it difficult fishing with the larger group since most of the action was in the back of the boat. Did manage a few keepers and some shorts in the morning but had a better fishing in the afternoon. A young man and his buddies came out for his birthday and had a blast catching some keepers and shorts on what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

Fri April 29 report in afternoon

The afternoon was not as good as the morning but we did manage a decent catch of fish working 2 different areas. Few limits were caught including Hunter Wright of South Carolina and Dennis McGiness of Middletown who also won the pool.

Fri April 29 report

We had a good morning with a small gang fishing one drop and picking fish the whole time. High hook was Mat Guerin of Middletown NJ with 6 keepers and his buddy John Doll also had 3 keepers. Mike Gutierrez at only 12 years old of Garfield managed 4 keepers and the pool fish of 17 lbs. Good job Mike. Everyone went home with fish and memory of a good time. See pics.

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