Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mon - Tues reports.

     Not a lot of keepers on the morning trip on Monday but a few nice ones. Jonathan got a 6 1/2 lber but was beat out by his dad Woody by a 7 lber. Also in close running was 11 yr old Tiyana Balbuena with her 6 lber. from Elk Grove  CA. In the afternoon we had a nice group from the Gateway Bar and liquors in Navasink plus other regulars but conditions were not good with wind against tide and a slider drift but we did manage some keepers along with the shorts. Bonz took the pool at the end with his nice keeper. Today  we got a little lucky finding a small patch of fish that we worked over producing an 8 1/4 lb pool fish by Frank Seminerio who also caught a 7 1/2 lb flattie on the last drift as we had a nice showing of keepers around the boat with  little Megan Mitchell  also landed a 4  lber. On the afternoon trip the wind really kicked up so we only picked at a few keepers and shorts where we could drift without rolling around. Here are some pics and see you soon and do not forget parking this week maybe an issue so give your self extra time. Sailing every day including July 4, both trips.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday 6/28 & remaining pics

     Sunday morning was cool,cloudy and misty and it showed on the deck going out with 9 fares. A Northerly breeze against the out going tide made drifting very slow so we tried different areas only catching a some shorts and only a few keepers for the trip. A different tide in the afternoon gave us much better conditions and a better pick of fish. Collen Kinsey Bridgewater caught one of the first keepers after we told her to kiss her first short, it worked! She went on to catch a 4 1/2 lber  but did not get the pool as she and her boyfriend totaled 3 keepers. Shorts and keepers all around the boat with some shorts just missing the 18 inch mark. Only 2 pics from the afternoon trip and some pics left from the other day. Don't for get the fair is starting down the harbor and parking will be limited so give yourself some time when coming down.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday report and pics from Thurs and Fri

   We ended wit a decent group in the morning but nobody for the afternoon with the impending weather.  Strong Easterly winds kept all the boats in one area inside the hook. Picked mostly shorts but only a few keepers with Grace Onaga taking the pool with a 7 1/4 lb beauty. We sailing every day including holidays but try to give yourself extra time to park, especially during the week as the commuters are filling up the parking lots.Hope to see you soon and here are more pics from Thurs and  the Friday morning trip. I will put a few more on the next post.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fantastic Friday for the Johns

    I am going to skip over Thursday's pics  but will post them tomorrow.  Had a good turnout on Thursday and we picked away in the bay with mostly shorts and a couple a keepers a drift. Same thing on Friday morning with a small group, weatherman did it again. Decent turnout on the afternoon trip and we landed on some beauties but not a lot of action with the shorts.  Tom stared the afternoon off with a 5.5 lber and  few more nice fish came up like Rich Lesko with a 5.5 lber. On the next drift John Doll  of North  Middletown landed a 9 lb 6 oz doormat and also got a 6 lber. John Mundjer ended the day with a 7, 5, & 3.5 lber. Jonathan Harmon caught his 7.5 lber. on the same drift as Mundjer's 7 lber. Here are few great picsfrom the afternoon and will add more later.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tues/Weds reports - nice day and good fishing

     Only made the morning trip on Tuesday since the weatherman did it again scaring the daylights out of people and again we did not get much wind or rain. Same fishing wit a pick of shorts and one or two keepers a drift that morning with a breeze that kept us from getting too hot. On Weds the fishing was better, as was the weather, especially in the afternoon when we caught the most keepers this year with a good action on shorts. A good example was fist time jr fisherman Mason caught 14 shorts but could not get that keeper. Ray Pickwood  of Mancherster took the pool with a 5 1/4 lber and there was a nice spread of keepers all around the boat with some getting 2 or 3. Here are a few pics and hope to see you soon. Another note the parking is getting bad with commuters filling up the lots so try to get down early and the fireman's fair will start on June 30 to make the parking even tougher.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday 6/22 unexpected afternoon guests

    Weather was nice in the morning with westerly winds it never got hot. Picked in all the spots we fished with mostly shorts of course and a couple of keepers. First drift produced the pool winner but other nice keepers were caught. On the afternoon trip our first drift produced a nice keeper and some shorts but then the blues took over. Bigger ones that gave everyone a good fight on their fluke rods and we did boat most of them. Tried a couple of other areas to get away from them and caught some keepers and shorts. Here are a few pics but of course not of all the fish we caught.

Fathers day Doc's morning

    Well the weather people really screwed this one up. No heavy rain and  thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon only had warm west winds. On the morning trip , Doc of Doc and Grace(didn't get his real name), started off catching the first fish with a 9 lb doormat. We made several moves looking for a decent drift and picking in all the areas. On the last drift Doc nailed a 5 lber. On the afternoon trip the winds picked up so we were limited to where we could fish but picked all afternoon with a young angler taking the pool. Today looks great so hope to see you. Here are some pics.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saturday 6/20 This is June ?

    We had a good turnout  with the bad forecast for fathers day but it was not June weather. 20 mph east winds, cloudy and cool had everyone in sweatshirts. We and everyone else, were confined to inside the hook picking at shorts and few keepers. We did have a couple of decent drifts giving Carlos Santiago his 3 keepers but none big enough for the pool. On the afternoon trip we only had enough to fish one side of the boat and we picked at some nicer fish but did not have a lot of short action Bob took the pool with a 6 3/4 lber. Here are some  pics of the afternoon trip as we were too busy in the morning to take any.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oops sorry John

   Made a mistake with the weights of  John Doll's fish. They were 5 1/4 and 7 1/4 lbs.

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