Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ues - Weds update 4/28 - 29

    Tuesday morning was cold and breezy with winds to 25 mph and we only picked a few shorts,  but by noon it was down to nothing and it got very nice. From sweatshirts to tee shirts we wnt out with a handful of anglers and had a nice afternoon picking shorts and a couple of keepers. Wednesday's forecast brought out a few more anglers and we were able to please them  making only one drop. Picked away at shorts and keepers with some times 2 or 3 on at a time. About a dozen nicer sized keepers to about 17 lbs and at least 20 - 25 shorts made it a good morning with Dustin P catching his limit. Looking for a repeat in the afternoon we started in the same spot but they were not there. Got an immediate keeper by Ken Tice that ended up as the pool fish, but that was it. Made a couple of other moves that only produced a couple of shorts. Tomorrow is another day but Friday's forecast does not look good with N E winds to over 20. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunday's missing pics

   Here are a couple of pics of Taylor Roberts that did not make it or didn't come out right.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday 4/26 More keepers

     It  was a much nicer day then Sat and the fish cooperated better.  With only a small group of anglers we picked at shorts and keepers all morning on one drop. Roger Lee got his limit of 2 (which it still is so far) but I managed to catch the first keeper and a couple of shorts. Anthony Stenkovich of Somerset took the pool with a 15 lber but just beat out young Carmen Florio who got his first striper ever. Nice morning with just enough action to keep everyone interested. On the afternoon trip we expected even better fishing with another small group and the out going tide but it didn't happen. slow pick on shorts and only a couple of keepers with Van Nguyen taking the pool with his last fish and Taylor Roberts showing up her 2 brothers and mom with a keeper and 2 shorts. Here are a few pics so hope to see you soon as the weather looks good all week till Friday.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday 4/25 report - When is Spring coming ?

   Have not been out since Weds but got out yesterday both trips. Cold and breezy we had to put the heat on for the ride out. Picked at some shorts on the first spot and then tried deeper with no luck. Moved away from the boats to the shallows again and got a pick of shorts and finally a keeper at the end. Wind against the tide all morning did not help things. Expected to have a much better afternoon trip knowing the conditions would be much better but unfortunately it was not. Again some short action but only 1 keeper, but it did turn out much nicer. We will see what happens today so hope to see you.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Werds April 22 report - Improving

   We have not been out since Sunday morning with the bad weather on Monday and lack of turnout on Tues.  Made it out with a few on Weds and had a pick all morning with shorts and couple of keepers mixed in. Jonathan Harmon got the pool  but let little Johnathan ( no relation ) help him reel it in. Today looks to be a little windy and we will have wind against tide in the morning which makes for tough conditions.  Friday and the weekend look ok so hope to see some of you then. Here are a few pics of the catch.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18 report Finally

    We tried a trip last week with no results even with a nice day.  We are now sailing daily but did not get out Friday.  Today we were surprised at the lack of turnout despite the great weather forecast.  We went to the area where the action has been, way back of the bay and managed to pick shorts  up to 27 .5 inches.  On the afternoon trip we did pick more shorts and did manage a keeper. Tomorrow looks good  abut we will not be going out Monday with the weather forecast. Here are a few pics of some of the catch.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday April10 update

   Hi again everybody, looks like we will have to wait a little longer to start our fishing season. We will begin a daily schedule next Friday April 17, running 2 half day trips @ 8 a m and 1:30 p m for Striped bass. We will however, run a special trip on this Sunday April 12 for striped bass leaving @ 7:30 a m to 1 pm. just to see whats going on. The fare will be  $45 and a $5 pool. Looks like it will be a nice day so hope to see you then.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thurs April 2, 2015 - Not time yet

   Hi everybody, it looks like we (and every one else) are going to wait another week to start fishing.  The water is still cold and there is nothing going on fishing wise. So figure on the weekend of the 11 th and we will see what happens from there.  Maybe stripers, maybe flounder or maybe both. Thanks for checking in and hope to see you soon.

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